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About us Anak Pelangi School


Formerly known as HomPimPah Playground, Anak Pelangi (Rainbow Kids) was founded in Jimbaran Bali in 2017 to provide quality Preschool with Kurikulum 2013 and mix with Montessori method of education in Jimbaran for The children through from 1-5 till 6 years old. After opening Playgroup In 2017 then HomPimPah Playground was renovated and Become Preschool and now expand to Kindergarten. 

We believe that in order for children to grow and learn, they need to feel safe, respected, loved, and have a real sense of belonging. We would like to have a child with the image of a successful child as one who is curious, confident, competent, and well prepared for the future. In Anak Pelangi or well known as Hompimpah we are inspired by Montessori method of learning, using all senses to learn and teach the children's the basic life skill to make them be able to help themself and be independent we also use Play-based Learning, provided with huge indoor & Outdoor Playground where it looks like children are ‘just playing’. However, there is a lot of planning and preparation in making sure that learning is happening while children are playing.

Why we add the Montessori Method of learning in Kurikulum 2013..??? The Montessori curriculum was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, and educator, through 40 years of scientific research with young children. The Montessori curriculum, method, and philosophy are cited in current educational literature and research as embodying key learning skills identified for success in the 21st century. The Montessori method incorporates multi-age groupings of children that are directed by teachers who facilitate the concept of individualized learning. Teachers adjust their material according to each student’s mastery of academic, intellectual, and social learning, thus building students’ strengths and transforming weaknesses.

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NEW ACADEMIC July 2020 /2021